Pifco 204028 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Grey

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Looking for a fantastic vacuum cleaner to keep your home spotlessly clean? Try the Pifco 204028 – this upright vacuum cleaner provides excellent results on both carpets and hard floors.


Upright Vacuuming

Upright vacuum cleaners have some advantages over cylinder models. They typically have a larger head, so you need to make fewer passes over a room to get it clean, saving you time. They also tend to have larger bin capacities, so you spend less time emptying the appliance.


Featuring cyclone HEPA filtration and a height adjustable floorhead, you can be sure you’ll get a thorough clean every time.


Spotted cobwebs on the ceiling? They’re well within your reach, thanks to the two meter hose. Simply detach, pop on an attachment and you’re good to go. Alongside the hose, the 204208 comes with a 3-in-1 multi tool for handing all types of tasks. When not in use, the tool is stored on board, so it always close to hand should you need it. Clean a variety of surfaces easily and efficiently with Pifco.


Convenient to Use

This model makes vacuuming much more convenient, thanks to its design. It has a long six metre cord, which gives you plenty of cleaning reach and flexibility. A long cord means less swapping between sockets, so you can finish the job sooner. It also lets you negotiate furniture and other obstacles more easily, as there is usually less tension in the cord.


As the 204028 has a bagless design, you can do away with vacuum cleaning bags altogether. Simply pop off the 2 litre canister and tip the contents away. Not only is this quick and easy, but it also saves you an ongoing cost. There’s also a handy user guide and spare drive belt included in the box for added flexibility.


The Pifco vacuum cleaner doesn’t just perform brilliantly – it looks great too. The grey finish helps it look stylish and hi-tech, great for people that love appliances with a modern look.


If you’re after a vacuum that performs well, is convenient to use, and looks great, try the Pifco 204028 today.


Cable Length 6 m cable with stoarge wraparound
Colour Silver/Grey
Height 106 cm
Width 31 cm
Depth 30 cm
Floor Type Carpet
Cordless No
Attachments 3 in 1 Multi tool
Number of Power Levels 1