Frigidaire Undercounter Freezer

Product Code: FRF60W

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This smart freezer from Frigidaire sits perfectly under your kitchen counters, seamlessly matching the existing style.

Plenty of Space

Three large spacious drawers provide plenty of storage space, really letting you pack in all of your frozen produce. As they are transparent, they easily let you see what’s inside without having to rummage around.

With a total capacity of 110 litres, the FRF60W lets you take advantage of offers in the supermarket and buy in advance. Invite the family around and really make the most of all that space.

Extra Features

Frigidaire have installed a quick freeze setting that really helps lock in nutrients by dropping the temperature when new products are added, freezing them that much quicker. The FRF60W can automatically switch this off so you don’t have to remember to.

Should the temperature inside the appliance start to rise, an acoustic alarm will sound, alerting you to the issue. This will help to avoid any potential food spoiling or wastage.

Power cuts can also often spell disaster to a freezer full of food, but not with the FRF60W. Offering up to 24 hours’ power failure protection, the freezer will keep everything frozen without any electricity being used.

Fantastic Ratings

This Frigidaire appliance has been awarded a 4 star freezer rating, letting you store your frozen produce for 3-12 months, while locking in the nutrients and taste.

It’s becoming increasingly important to lower our emissions and reduce our impact on the environment, and the FRF60W can help you do this. With an excellent A+ energy efficiency rating, the appliance uses less electricity, helping the environment. It will also be kinder on your wallet in the long run.

With lots of helpful features, the Frigidaire FRF60W is a great freezer. Put one in your basket, and shop with Euronics today.


Net Total Capacity 90.61 L
Gross Total Capacity 110.44 L
Colour White
Height 85 cm
Width 59.5 cm
Depth 63.5 cm
Weight 37 kg